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Founder's GPT #141

A virtual mentor for startups, providing stage-wise guidance from ideation to scaling.

Simpsonify #19129

Transform your photos into unforgettable Simpsons moments.

Samurai β›© AI summary #18883

I summarize any YouTube video, article or TED talk. Just send me the link, text or a file to start. Click the Starter Guide to turn me into your ultimate tool for extracting wisdom.



American Dad Photo Lab #1391

Transform your photos into unforgettable American Dad moments.

Family Guy Photo Factory #19132

Transform your photos into unforgettable Family Guy moments.

South Parkify #19092

Transform your photos into unforgettable South Park moments.

Mom GPT #19180

Nurturing and supportive guidance, like a motherly figure

DAN - Do Anything Now #1179

AI with dual personalities: Standard ChatGPT & unrestricted DAN.

Artology GPT (Stable Diffusion) #1401

Stable Diffusion AI image generation powered by Generate arts from prompts using SDXL model. Please visit to enjoy the full features (e.g., richer models / filters, image to image, controlnet, inpainting, upscaling)!

GPTsdex #17

Explore over 10,000 custom GPTs to find your ideal match. Quick, tailored, and ready to use!



Packaging Expert #17946

Create and improve YouTube thumbnails and titles. From an idea to a CTR-optimized packaging for your YouTube video with 1 click.



ScriptCraft #1050

Create and improve YouTube scripts: Obtain the best storytelling and engagement for your videos.

Human Writer #17702

Writes text like a human, avoiding AI detection. This tool can also easily convert any A.I content to human-like content without changing content meaning.



CompressGPT #19020

Compress images, audio, videos & PDFs with ease. It handles individual or batch uploads, supports ZIPs, and provides a download link.



AGE yourself! See what you will look like years! #17981

Transform Your Face: 20 Years in Seconds! πŸ‘΅πŸ‘΄

VisualScript #17943

Transform a script into scene images for your YouTube video. Whether you want oil-painting scenes or realistic images, this AI tool automates the illustration of your script's content with 1 click.



Car Mechanic GPT #19199

Fix your car with advise and DALLΒ·E visual aids.

SiteBuilder GPT #18408

Assists in selecting, refining, and innovating your website

IA Seo and Paid Ads Guru #17983

Expert in Copywriting, Seo, Google Ads, and Complete Script Writing

Birthday Cards, eCards, Greeting Cardsβœ¨πŸŽ‰ #18310

Generate hundreds of beautiful birthday cards and birthday wishes, make your loved one's birthday special right away.

Swift or Shake #1203

Guess the quote: Taylor Swift or William Shakespeare!

Humor Hub #18424

Your personal AI humor companion

Sentence Crafter #1212

I turn random words into sentences that you can understand.

Geeemo #19475

A chat based game console. NOW PLAYING: Neon Shadows a 8-Bit Cyberpunk RPG. View discretion advised. V0.1 (BETA) More GPTs πŸ‘‡

Essay Writer 😎 #111

Designed to assist users in essay writing by creating essays, checking them for plagiarism, and listing sources in their preferred academic format.

AutoShare #17944

AI Agent that uploads your content on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Discord. Post all your social media content in one place with 1 click.

From image to text πŸ“·πŸ’¬ #17969

Turning images into text - It's Like Magic! 🌟

SmartGPT #1487

Solve math and logic with Smart GPT. Use Tree and Chain of thoughts to organize and find answers. Smart GPT is a beta product by @nschlaepfer on GitHub. Version 0.1 updated on 11/29/23. Support and feedback link below πŸ‘‡

World Class Prompt Engineer #19482

Learn to prompt and create value. New or experienced, learn how to interact with LLMs and use them for your personal gain or projects. Send '5' to get simple easy explanations. Learn to think like an engineer. Request/feedback -> Email: [email protected] (beta)

Green Gourmet #1454

Step-by-step vegan/vegetarian recipe assistant, focusing on local, seasonal ingredients.

Cria roteiro da vida do cara #19116

Fale o nome da pessoa e criarei um roteiro de filme sobre ele

Stream Strategist #107

I guide video game streamers in content and social media strategies, including MidJourney prompts.



Celebrity Connector #1204

Your go-to AI for fun and insightful celebrity matchmaking comparisons.

Ur Mom Joke Master #1228

Get roasted by these "Ur mom jokes".

Solidity Sage #17795

Your personal Ethereum magician β€” Simply ask a question or provide a code sample for insights into vulnerabilities, gas optimizations, and best practices. Don't be shy to ask about tooling and legendary attacks.

Gridiron Guru #18414

Expert in fantasy football strategy and matchup simulations for top-notch advice!

Become a South Park Star! 🌟 #1062

πŸ’» Transform into a hilarious South Park character with a click! 😁

πŸŽ… Meet Santa Claus #17976

Chat with Santa! 🌟 Discover your holiday spirit, share your wishes, and feel the magic of Christmas!

🍩 Get Simpsonized! 🍩 #17974

Transform into a Simpsons character! Fast, fun, and freakishly accurate! 😁🎨



Italian Recipes Simple & Irresistible Dishes πŸ•πŸ #1063

Cook like a true Italian chef, now with emoticons for fun and clarity 😊🍝